Admitted to MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan School of Management

I was ready to F-bomb like Tom Brady after losing against the Packers in Lambeau Field. It was late in the evening and I had not yet received a call from MIT Sloan admissions.

Living in Madrid, I did not really expect to know anything before 6 pm. I had spent a quite morning for the most part and I planned a Christmas shopping afternoon/evening with my girlfriend, as we needed some errants to run, and afterwards we were going to meet some friends. It was a great plan to try keep my head out of the MIT thing.

I will go ahead and say I did not completely achieve my goal, however, and after 7:30pm I started to look at the phone every 3 minutes, just in case something would magically appear on the screen… Even more so after learning that other people in Europe had already been called. But 8pm and then 9pm came and there was nothing.

I had started to give up hope, thinking about how well I had felt about the interview and what great vibes I felt regarding my MIT chances, so when at 9:30pm I received an e-mail from MIT and logged in to check the decision, I was sure I would find either a waitlist offer or a ding. But when I read the note I almost could not believe it. I WAS IN!! At MIT no less. And then celebration time begun for my friends, my girlfriend and me.

Today can be another big day with Tuck decision, and then Duke on friday. But it feels great to know I won´t have to worry about R2.

I will tell you how it goes. Thanks for being there!


17 pensamientos en “Admitted to MIT Sloan

  1. Congratulations! You are not the only one who found out from the portal – it must have been quite the turnaround in emotions compared to what you expected by that stage (I’ve been there too!).

    Good luck with your remaining admissions calls. I got MIT too, so we might even be classmates next year! 🙂

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