My interview with Duke

Today I had my interview with a Duke alumni here in Madrid. It is my third so far and I think that fact helped, since I already knew what to expect and came to the meeting much less nervous than to the other two.

The interview itself was very friendly and conversational. As expected, the goal of my interviewer was to get to know me better and gather more specific information regarding certain parts of my background and profile. Therefore, no trick questions or akward moments, but very straighforward. I have to say that time flew, I felt so comfortable all along that I really did not realize how fast the 30 minutes went by. And all of a sudden it was my time to ask questions; I had quite a few and my interviewer went into great detail to answer each one of them and share his experiences. All and all a great interview, and that left me very comfident in my possibilities.

On the other hand, I am still waiting to hear from Stern. I believe they are still in the process of sending interview invitations, but I am not too stressed about it, I am used to waiting already. Besides, now it is time to think about R2. I have already decided to which schools I want to apply: Harvard, Chicago Booth and UCLA. I am not sure I will apply to all of them, it will depend on my R1 results, but probably I will try HBS anyway.

The good news is in a couple weeks we will know if I am admitted to any of my R1 choices. Nail-bitting time!


4 pensamientos en “My interview with Duke

  1. Well done! Sounds like it went great for you!

    Nail biting times for you and me both. We’ve invested so much time and energy, it is difficult to wait to get the decision.

    Stay strong and positive! 🙂


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