Hugo vs GMAT: from 710 to 760


Yesterday I took the GMAT for the second time and I nailed it! Okay, not nailed, but you understand what I mean.

The exam

This I time I had reserved and afternoon spot, in case I needed to catch some sleep in the morning, and also to avoid arriving at the test center feeling sleepy. Therefore, I had a good late breakfast after waking up, and headed to the test center a little tense but much more calm because I already knew what to expect. Since I arrived early, I started the exam well before I was scheduled. And there I was, facing GMAT once again.

AWA was easy. Assumptions and flaws were very easy to counter, and I worte a solid essay, at least that is what I think.

IR went much better this time. Although it is the area of the exam in which I felt a little more insecure. I guess it was because of the tension, and because it is the first part in which time is really constraint. Nevertheless, I did not lose focus, and was sure I had done a decent job.

Quant came right after the break. the good news was I was not feeling tired and I was eager to start. The first question took me 3 minutes to solve. I kind of knew this could happen, because is the first one, and sometimes it takes some seconds for me to get completely focused. But from them on there was no problem. There was a moment in the exam in which I started thinking that the questions seemed to be a little easy, but I tried to not worry about it, as it had happened to me before in a prep exam, and in the end I was doing great. However, I have to say that until the very end, there was not a question I had to skip or which I really struggled to solve, and when I finished I was not sure how good my score could be, although I was confident it could meet my goal.

Verbal has always been my strongest area, therefore when I arrive to this part of the exam, I always have the feeling that the worst is behind me, and that I can only improve in any case.  I started a little slow in the first 3 questions, but when I reached full speed, I almost did not doubt in any other question.

So, when I finished I quickly clicked “next” to see my score, wishing it would be above the 730 mark I had set as my primary goal

The Result

760 (50q, 44v)

I have to say that, when I started preparing for GMAT again, the though scoring so high never went through my mind, although in the last two weeks I started thinking that, on a good day, I could get past the 740. The best feeling is knowing that I have given my best, and that I have performed well when it mattered.

What I did differently

Part of my success in raising my score from 710 to 760 can be attributed to my interest in going deeper into some mathematical concepts and areas, such as probability orr divisibility and remainders. For that I used the Manhattan GMAT Guides, which I had not used before, and other resources I found in specialized blogs. Thus, I mastered some types of problems that had represented a challenged last year, making me much better at math.

But, to a great extent, my success can be attibuted to confidence. This time, I have felt so much more confident in what I was doing, almost never doubting my answers, not only in the quantitative section but also in the verbal part. And I do not mean rearding concepts I previously did not master, but regarding every type of question. Mabye it was because I had already taken the exam, or because I was not so pressured, or just because of the weather…but now I truly feel I am a good GMAT test-taker.

Before clicking on “Publish”, I would also like to thank Domotron, GrantMeAdmission, TopDogMBA, texaswannabecali, MBAOnMyMind, pullingthatMBAtrigger, ProGMAT,  and scltn for their comments and support this last month. Sorry for not answering all your comments last week, but I am back!! I know some of you are still fighting the GMAT battle so, don´t give up and, as At. Madrid coach usually says: “one game after another”.

Let´s enjoy some vacation days, shall we?


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