Hugo vs GMAT: fourth practice exam

Just as the NFL preseason enters its fourth and final weekend, I have also come to the end of my particular GMAT preseason. Yet again I freed my scheduled for 3,5 hours in order to take the last practice exam before tuesday when I will be facing the real exam.

This time I took a completely new exam, and again I completed all the sections, including AWA, because thus I can practice writing and I get to the Quant section with a full hour of work, just as I will next tuesday.

The Exam

AWA and IR went without much trouble. Although I was gladly surprised by the fact that none of the IR questions were the same that in the previous “new” exam, therefore I did take it seriuosly.

Quant started very very well. I was going fast and sure of what I was doing. But all of a sudden I started seing questions that I though were too easy, and very close to one another, so I started thinking I was not doing too well… maybe. The good thing is that did not let that stop me, and tried to focus on the questions ahead. You never know.

Verbal wnet great also. The only weird thing is that I got asked the same question twice, and with just another quesiton in between those two times: I got asked question A and answred right; then question B, and when I also got it right, question A appeared again… I may have been a bug. From that moment on, everytihng went back to normal.

The Results

770 (50q, 44v)

What to expect on exam day

Just as in professional football, preseason success does not equal suber bowl victory. On exam day there are many factors that come into play, first and foremost, that you know it counts. Because when you are at home, even if you get a little nervous (I do) because your results will reflect your progress, deep down, you know it is a fake exam, therefore, you sometimes answer more quickly than you would or don´t think too much a certain question.

Personally, I will try to reproduce as much as possible what I have done in my preparation: not to overthink the questions, not to doubt my judgement and my answers,… and very important,to ease the tension.

With the results I have been getting my main goal has not changed: 730, with at lest 48 in quant. But now, I hope I can get at least a 740. Then again, we are talking GMAT here, and it is usual that your score goes down when compared to practice exams, so 730, and if I can get anything above that, it will be more than great.

I´ll let you know in 4 days.

Have a nice weekend my followers!

P.S Just one more week until we completely dominate those Dolphins!


4 pensamientos en “Hugo vs GMAT: fourth practice exam

  1. This is a very solid set of practice results. Well done!

    I can’t wait to see how it translates on exam day, but taking the time to do the practice tests properly will really help you focus.

    I also advocate a trip to the test centre so you can see where it is and will be more familiar on the day.

    Plus don’t forget to rest your brain the day before and warm up in the hour before the test. I found all this really helped me.

    It’s also funny how your expectation goes up as you get better practice results! I’m very excited to read your post on Thursday my friend!


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