Hugo vs GMAT: third practice exam

I have just taken my third practice exam, a weekly ritual lately.

I have taken one of the exams I already took last year. Of course I donñt take this results as seriously as the ones from “new” exams because, in the end, you see some questions you have answered before, and even if you donñt remeber the answer and have to work a little, you have clues that point you inte right direction. But, in any case, they are good training for the 3 hour and a half exam that I will fae very soon, so I´ve tried to take one weekly.

I won t go into much detail, just saying that I fell confident during the whole test, and confidence pays.


770 (50, 47)

What´s next?

I have rescheduled the exam for september 2nd. In these 8 days I will try to focus a little more on verbal (because most of my preparation has been on quant), while also going  through some math concepts again so I make sure I don´t forget anything essential before the D day. Besides, I´ll try to practice IR a little.

Overall, I think I am almost as ready as I will be; I will take another practice exam next week that I think will define my expectations for real GMAT, but I would like to socre a 730 at least. Anything above that is great, of course, but let´s not get ahead of ourshelves.

Short post today. I hope I will be able to share more substantial news soon, regarding GMAT, and also how my applications are going.

Have a great week!



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