Hugo vs GMAT: second practice test

Today I took my second practice test.

This time I chosed to do one of the “new ones” to better assess my current level. Besides, to  make it the most similar to an actual exam experience, I also completed the AWA.

The exam:

– AWA: it was not difficult. It served as a great practice for the real exam.

– IR: it was great to see new and different questions here. In generall, I found them to be manageable, nothing too difficult.

– Quant: this time I did not felt so sure. In fact, I started answering wrong the first question, and with some doubts in the first part of the exam. Of course I recovered as I moved forward, but I always had the feeling of being performing below what I expected. I finished the section without knowing what to think after a complicated start,

-Verbal: I felt very comfortable during the whole test. I was sure that I was crashing the verbal part. In fact, I ended the section with almost 7 minutes left on the clock. Mostly because I answered very quickly the last 10 questions, although being sure of what I was doing.


750 (49q 42v) IR 8

Okay. Quant was better than I expected. Clearly, I did not start as badly as I thought and my recovery was in time and effective. Nevertheless, I need to pay some attention to a couple of questions that caught me off guard if I want to take the exam at my best. Regarding verbal, it is clear that I was not crashing the GMAT as much as I thought. Maybe I got overconfident and I should have used those 7 minutes to think deeper about some questions, in spite of how sure I was of my answer. A 42 is great, but I thought I was doing better.

Overall a great performance indeed. What does it mean? It means I will most likely change my exam date to late August, because it is clear that I am prepared to take the GMAT and score higher than the last time, therefore I would gain nothing by postponing it. Besides, leaving it for september means I have to keep practicing, and I need all the time I have to create the best applications I can.

This does not mean that I am done with GMAT. I must use the couple weeks left in August to polish some concepts and practice certain types of problems so can entrer the test center as self-comfident as I can.

Have a nice sunday!




11 pensamientos en “Hugo vs GMAT: second practice test

  1. This is great stuff! A 42 in Verbal puts you in the 96th percentile – only a couple of points off the highest (effective) score so I’d be pretty confident about that.

    Still, you’ll know best by now where you need to focus your last few weeks of preparation. I wish you the best of luck.

    I remember the feeling well, but all this preparation will be worth it!


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