Hugo vs. GMAT: first practice exam

As promised, I am here to share now how I am preparing to take the GMAT again.

So far, I have focused mostly on quant, as I tend to make more mistakes and more often in this section than ithe verbal section, which eventually are paid in points. Last year I mostly used the OGs but, if you want to get a different result, you must change what you did the first time to some extent. Therefore, I have added new materials so I can be even better prepared this time:

  • Manhattan GMAT guides: I have worked through the five quant guides, and I have learned a somethings that I was not aware of and thathave been extremely useful when facing certain types of problems. I wouls say they are very practical.
  • Advance Quant by Manhattan GMAT: provides strategies and techniques to take on some types of problems, some of them useful. Will tell you more when I finish reading it.
  • GMAT forums:  I have gotten some extra materials that provide techniques to solve certain problems more quickly, also a better explanation of probability, one of my weakest points until now, among other things.

Regarding verbal, I have not done much yet. Most likely I wil have a look at the Manhattan Guides, since I got them, in case they can help me increase a little my score too.

GMAT exam 1

After a couple weeks of studying, yesterday I decided to retake the first exam in the Prep software, just to see where I am standing, right at the start of the process.

  • I did not take the AWA, but I did took the IR, although I remebered most of it, because all the questions are always the same.
  • The quant section went very well, there were not many questions which I remebered, and even if they sounded familiar after 10 months, I did not remember what was the answer or the correct approach. In fact, there is one question that I knew I had taken several times, and I knew it had cost me time to crack… that I answered incorrectly yesterday. In any case, I felt good during the exam, I had not felt so sure of what I was doing in any of the previous practice or real exams I had taken.
  • Verbal also went very well. Here I found many questions that sounded familiar. But, beside the fact of knowing I had took them before, the solving-process remained intact, so the exercise required all my atention.

It was the first exam in which I ended both sections in time, without any need to rush the final questions.


Q 50 V 44 770

I don´t know to what extent the score is influenced by the familiarity of some questions, but at least it tells me that I am on the right path, and that I have to keep going to reduce the uncertainty to a minimum level when facing quant problems.

Also, the exam has confirmed that I need to pay futher attetion to Geometry.

That´s all for today folks!


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