The one with the MIT application

I know, long time no see… but July has been a very busy month: studying for the GMAT, writing essays and all dose days on-call at the hospital.

Good news is I have almost finished my MIT application. Of course there is one last essay that I have to polish, and I have somethings still to complete on the online application form, but the hardest part of the job is done.

It has been as difficult a process as I had been told. Difficult in that it´s a lot of effort and time that you have to put in to finally come with a satisfactory, compelling essay… let alone three. First you have to fin the time, then try to remain focused when you are hearing all those people outside having fun around the pool, try to think of the stories you want to tell and how… My first draft of an essay was a complete disaster, in conclusion. But with practice comes improvement. Bottom line, it requires some dedication.

I have almost completed my first two essays for MIT  and, even better, according to my recommenders, LORs are close to be ready too, so it seems I will meet the september 23rd deadline. Now I have to decide what to do for the optional essay/presentation/video. I want to take my time before deciding what to do and what “format” to use, because I would really like for it to stand out, or at the very least, being something that is not so typical. That kind of freedom is both exciting and daunting.

With MIT so advanced, I plan to move to Tuck´s application this week, since I would like to have it “almost ready” also by the third week of the month. I like to think that the process will be smoother this time, with the experience I have already gained.

Then, of course, I have to balance everything so I can get some quality time to keep preparing  the GMAT. I will tell you how it goes on a different post, when I have alreayd taken the first prep exam.

Enjoy your summer…those of you who are not applying to BSchool!







5 pensamientos en “The one with the MIT application

  1. Hi there. Very exciting to see you progressing with your applications. I’ve already done the GMAT, but still feel a way behind everyone else who has drafted their essays already!

    Check out my insight after meeting with an MIT Sloan Admissions Director recently: I was told that at least half of applicants DON’T do the optional essay. I also know others who got in by just writing an extra essay or posting a very simple video of themselves.

    Don’t get overwhelmed by which media to use or trying to perfect your video (if you go that way) – focus on the quality of what you’re saying and how this will support and boost the rest of your application.

    I’m pretty sure some people also posted their successful videos/presentations last year in case you are stuck for ideas…

    • Hi!

      I´ve just read your post, and it is very interesting, especially the part in which is said they want you to be in touch with them. Will keep that in mind.

      I am actually not worried about the optional essay, but I intend to take advantage of that opportunity to try and share something else about myself, so I would like to do it in the best way I can. That is why I want to give myself a little room for brainstorming. Of course, if it is optional, I assume many people will get in without doing anything; but, here you are given the chance to tell whatever you want, and that is an interesting possibility.

      Thanks for your words anyway!

      PS: how are your essays coming along?

  2. Welcome back!! And omg I completely agreee.. why does app season have to be right after summer. I just wanna be at the pool on the weekends not the library. But it’ll all be worth it.

    Congrats on the headway through that MIT app. I’m applying to Texas and they also have the essay/video option and I agree, its so exciting (and daunting like you said) being able to choose the best way to present yourself.

    Have you set a GMAT date yet? Alot of us are super busy prepping as well. I think 3 of us, Road to my MBA, GrantMeAdmission, and I are all taking it Aug 23rd so we’re right there with ya!!

    Keep it up and don’t be a stranger!!

    • “Sacrifice always pays off”. At least, that is what I like to think.

      I have set sept 17th, because I didn´t want to rush it, with all that writting I have to do and all. That would be just in time to be able use the score for my R1 apps.

      I knew there are some of us taking it in the following weeks. Best of luck to you!! It´s right there! Think about all the “spare” time you´ll get once you are done with GMAT…

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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