Round 1 is underway

MBA 2014-2015 application season has started.

Last week I begun drafting my first essays (it was hard and painful, but beginnings are never easy), and so my application process officially started.

Finally, I have decided that I will apply to four schools: Tuck, Kellogg, Duke and MIT. Nevertheless, it is true that the fact that Kellogg only offers loans for international students with a co-signor, American or otherwise, is something that could still change my decision in the end, because. As much as I would like to be optimistic about scholarships and alternative funding, I want to remain realistic and keep all the options open, therefore, this is a disadvantage. In any case, I love Kellogg, so I will most likely apply anyway.

Tuck and Duke, on the other hand are sure choices, as any frequent reader of this blog should know by now. MIT has been the last to make the list, taking the place of Haas. This has been a difficult decision, because Haas is a top 10 school, with an almost-unbeatable location and very strong in Healthcare, so it may appear as an obvious choice. However, MIT is just as amazing, also very strong in healthcare (they offer a certificate now), being Boston one of the main hubs for pharma and biotech, and with a very social and collaborative community. Besides, for personal reasons, I am now more inclined to choose East Coast over West Coast. That has tipped the scales in favour of MIT.

There is another school that could join that group. This seems to be the week in which I have to go back on some things I had previously stated, as I will most likely retake the GMAT, and now I am also considering HBS an option after ruling it out very early during the process of selecting schools. Why? First of all, because in spite all of I had considered is still true  (huge class, only case-method…), recently I attended a presentation they hosted in Madrid, and there I got to meet several former and current students, and was amazed by how humble they are and the things they told us about HBS, its culture, campus… Besides, I have had the opportunity to share some mails with  members of the healthcare club and definitely stroke me as a very active community and full of opportunities. Awesome to put it in one word. Therefore, HBS could be in the mix and, in that case, improving my GMAT a little bit would definitely help me, for average score for HBS is around 730.

As I said, I have already started writing, and I decided to start with MIT application. IT´s two essays, one of them quite innovate, as you have to write your own recommendation, pretending to be your supervisor. That will require careful thought. I hope both can be ready by the first 10 days of july, if not in their final version, at least in a very advanced one.  Let´s not forget I have to prepare for the GMAT too, so mixing all that with my job at the hospital, there is no doubt I will have to manage my free time very wisely.

I will tell you how they are coming along.

Enjoy your summer!





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