Why I am going to retake the GMAT

“I am done with GMAT”.

Those were my words a couple days after getting a 710 on my first GMAT exam back in october. Nevertheless, now 7 months later I´ve decided that I will in fact take it again.

Many people may be surpirsed that with a score over 700, I decide to spend more time on this exam, and after quite some time since I last studied for it. It is indeed a very personal decision and not an easy one.

The first reason I have, albeit not the most important, is the fact that I have never been completely satisfied with my 710. It was not my best day, and it reflected on my quant score, which was a 46. I truly believe I can do better. Also, that 46 on quant could hurt my chances a little bit, since most schools remark that want applicants to have strong quantitative skills. If it was a 710 with a 49 in quant I might not be so sure of retaking. Moreover, median GMAT scores are rising, so 700 is elite but not as killer as it once was.

Of course, I am considering this because I have time. I think 710 is good enough to apply to the programs I am interested in, but since it is still early, why not try to improve my profile a little?

My plan:

The verbal section has always been my strong part. I don´t think I will need much training, so I will be doing quant an 80% of the time. For that I will be using the OG again and, maybe, some MGMAT guides.

I itend to get it over with by late july.

Wish me luck!

PS GMAT, I am going to beat you!


8 pensamientos en “Why I am going to retake the GMAT

  1. Hey just wanted to let you know that I have been LOVING the Economist’s GMAT Tutor program. Really great! Hope to increase my 710.

    I featured your blog in my latest post; hope it drives some traffic for you. You have a great story, and I have really been enjoying your posts!

    • Thanks for mentioning my blog! It sure has helped redirecting some visits. I am glad you enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading yours. We are actually following very similar paths, he he.

      As for the GMAT, thanks for the info. I am actually trying to go deeper this time, spending a little more time in every of the different sections of quant before jumping into the questions and mock exams again.

  2. Hey there,

    I’m a successful admit for Stanford GSB Class of 2016. I did not have a 710+ GMAT and I got in so I just wanted to send some words of encouragement your way – you can do it, press on! People have been asking me how I got in and I always say through blogs and forums (that encouragement and sense of community goes a long way). I enjoy reading about the MBA journey because it’s a tough one and once you’ve done it, it sticks with you. I like your blog and I will definitely be forwarding people to your blog. Keep up the good work.


    Video Blog: Getting into Stanford GSB – Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2Pcn_VQuDo

    • Thaks for your words Koodzi. I will definitely try my best. It is a daunting task, but one I am ready and eager to take.
      Congrats on that admit to Sanford GSB, that is an acomplishment; I hope you enjoy the ride! Good luck!


  3. I’m in the same boat. I got a 710 and I know I can do better, but at this point I feel like I should just invest my energies into the applications before burning out on the GMAT. But since you started early, it should work out for you. Good luck!


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