The calm before the storm

It´s been a while since my last post. But this has been a very busy month, and it seems is going to remain that way for a little longer.

I haven´t had much time lately to think about my next MBA-related step, that being to decide to which schools I want to apply. I think I am almost done with it: there are 3 schools to which I am sure I will apply. The thing is I would like to select other three to complete the 6-pack, and that will reqire a little more research, work or meditation on my part.

I have taken the opportunity to talk, by phone or mail, with several current students in the last few weeks and they have been nice enough to share their thoughts on and experiences in different US business schools, thus helping me get a better idea of the differences between them, and how I would fit in in every one of them. This has helped me narrow my possible choices for those 3 remaining spots to 5 schools (too many). But I am sure the decision will be tough, because all of them appeal to me in some way. It will all depend on to which factor I will put more value on: pure fit, location or how well (or better) connected that school is to my intended industry. Of course, it does not mean that I will, in fact, apply to 6 schools in the end, but that I´d like to have 6 schools as my possible options.

I know people who since the very beginning know the schools they would like to apply to. Like a friend of mine only applying to schools in California because that is where he wants to live in the future. I know that I want a social and close community (as I have stated in many post already), but I am not that worried about the exact location or by the fact that the school can be based in a small town or in a big city. As long as I think that one school can help me fulfill my goals, I will consider it; and that is making the process a little harder and longer for me. But it is also helping me to get to know more schools better.

So far the schools that have made it to the finish line are Tuck, Fuqua and Haas. All of them have small classes with close and collaborative communities and in which healthcare is kind of important. Of course the latter is not as much big in Tuck as it is in the other two, but after visiting and talking with students interested in the field, I would say it is one of the schools that, not having an specific certification, it has strong ties with the industry. Of the ones remaining in the hunt the hardest one to dismiss would be Stanford, because it has always been a dream university for me, but I´ll have to consider the slim chances of admission, if only from a statistical standpoint. Although “if 400 get in every year, why can´t I be one of them?” has always been my type of approach.

In any case, with GMAT and TOEFL done and my goals defined, this is the last step I must take before the applications are opened in a couple months, more or less, so I can afford to linger a little bit longer on the decision. But once it is decided the time will come, at last, for me to sart drafting esays, with one eye on fall deadlines, and with all the stress that comes with it. I have to say that, after almost a year since I started to think about the GMAT, I am really looking forward to starting my first application, although I know it is going to be a daunting and exhausting process.

Nobody said it would be easy.



2 pensamientos en “The calm before the storm

    • Thanks for taking the time to read it and for your kind words, and also for linking it! I´ll also link yours to mine as it seems we are i the same phase of our process.


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