Meeting Tuck students

Today I attended an event hosted by Tuck students here in Madrid.

It was the first Tuck event I ever attended, and I was kind of excited about it since, as I have stated in this blog, it is one of my favourite schools so far. That fact did not change at all after last night. In fact, my opinons were reinforced by what I could learn from T´15 MBA candidates.

Tuck School of Business

The event consisted of the usual presentation followed by a relaxed chat while having some drinks. The curious thing about this event is that, being december 20th, most people in Madrid had already left for their vacation destinations, and therefore, not many of us were present at the event, which lead to a great student:attendee ratio and gave us the oportunity to further engage with the hosts. In fact, I arrived quite early, and that gave me the oportunity to have the tuckies all for myself for a while to ask questions/opinons and share with them my experience, interests…

The presentation was an indepth summary of the many things I already knew about Tuck: a unique location, small class, close community, ,general mangement foundations, hockey, outdoors activities… and others I didn´t (or not that much) such as how is the recruiting process organized or how easy is to engage with the faculty. A great experience. It was a great presentation, and all the information provided was very helpful and conviced us that we were right to have Tuck as one of our top choices. But as I said in previous ocasions, students are the biggest asset a school has in order to make a good impresion in a prospect applicant, at least in these types of events.

All the tuckies present were amazing. During the presentation they made great efforts to make clear the point that Tuck is a close, tigh-knit community, and that has one of the strongest alumni networks, maybe the strongest one in terms of how easy is to engage with the alumni and how helpful they are. They were very emphatic about it. And the students present were the living proof of their own words: when I stated my interest in visiting the school in the next month, they were quick to offer me transportation, their homes to stay…

Another curious fact about this event: there were a couple of partners present with their respective childs. I´ve never seen it in any other event and that gave me oportunity to talk to them regarding the life of a significant other during those two years, and learn a little more about the activities organized by the Partners Club, and how they were having a great time. This was very interesting since it is very likely that, in case I am admitted, I would be moving to the US with my girlfriend.

Of course, Tuck is a very unique school, located in Hanover, NH, a 11,000 inhabitants town, where all you breath is MBA. There is no distraction from the program as a whole; is like an intensive MBA experience, and what I saw today only made that point clearer. So maybe it is not for everyone: if you don´t like to be isolated, if you get tired of being around the same people all the time, if you do not like outdoors living… It depends on each person.

In the end, another great experience. If two hours can be this interesting, what can we expect of two years at business school?

Happy Holidays everyone!!


4 pensamientos en “Meeting Tuck students

      • I visited and interviewed in October. If you fly into Boston Logan airport there is the Dartmouth Coach that picks you up right outside the terminal and takes you right into Hanover. In terms of places to stay, there are limited choices on campus. You are basically restricted to Hanover Inn or Six South Street. Both are relatively expensive so book in advance! If you are renting a car there then are more options. I stayed at Six South Street and it was only a short walk to Tuck which was very handy.

        Definitely go and initiate an interview if you can. They appreciate people making the effort to visit. You can interview before submitting your essays too which will give you more things to write about. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any more questions!

      • Thanks for all the info Domotron!! I hope I will be able to visit next february. It´s a shame I can´t interview yet since I won´t apply until 2014, but in any case it will be a great experience and I´ll get a glimpse at what could be like to spend 2 years there (and something else to write about of course).


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