Second practice exam

Some days ago I took another GMAT Prep practice exam. In general, it was better than the first one, yet it again highlighted the fact that I really need to focus and pay more attention to the time clock since, again, I failed to aswer all the questions, this time in the math section.

Truth be told, I did have a slow start. I struggled a bit to find my rythm, and that translated into consuming more time than I should in the first 5 or 6 questions. Once I got myself together I did much better. The worst part came when, upon reaching question number 35, with a minute left, I thought that I had at least time to read this one and then guess the 36 and 37; but somwhere in the middle, I lost focus (or something) and began to solve question number 35 as if I had all the time in the world. Result: ding!!! and 3 questions unanswered.

So I felt stupid, but decided that it could not affect my performance in the verbal section and I took some minutes to relax and try to focus in the verbal part. And I did. Furthermore, I started with the clear idea of pacing myself efficiently (withouth losing accuracy in my responses, of course). The result was much better than in the previous exam: only 6 questions wrong with a 42 overall score in the section, all due to my better time management; not having to rush the final answers really helps.

In the end, I had a 730 (47q,42v). I ended very hapy with my verbal score and not so pissed with my quant given the circumstances, although I hope that I won´t make such a stupid mistake when the exam day comes and, certainly, that I will manage my time properly.

Now what?

Since I´ll be taking the exam next week, this is the time to wrap it up so I will keep practicing questions (mostly math questions), reviewing some concepts and idioms and trying to practice the AWA a little bit (let´s not forget about the essay!).

I am really looking forward to it.



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