Getting There

It was time to put my skill to a test.

Last saturday I took my first GMAT practice exam.  I had finished almost all the questions in the official guides and supplements, and the percentage of those questions I had answered right was quite hight,so I thought it was time to see how I would perform in a mock exam, having to endure 3 hours sitting in front of a computer screen and with the added pressure of what the result could say about my progress.

I obtained a 710 score and I was thrilled to see a 49 score in the quantitative section. Upon finishing it, I did not expect to score so high, fearing to have failed some questions, although I must admit I did hope it would be a decent score. In the end it was very good. On the other hand, a 39 score in the verbal part, despite being a great result, was disappointing in that I expected to score above 40, and I still think I can do it.

But one of the advatages of taking a practice exam is that it highlights those areas where you still have work to do and those details to which you should pay more attention and, clearly, I have to pace myself better. I didn´t  have enough time left to read properly the last 4 questions of the verbal test, in fact, I couldn´t even answer the last one, really hurting my score. Yesterday I went over the exam, and retook those last few questions, my results being quite different. So my time management must improve.

All and all, it was a great experience, the first taste of what i might face on the test day, and it has showed I am in the right path. Now, let´s go again over some concepts, retake some questions that have caused trouble and, finally, take another practice exam, hopefully pacing myself better and confirming the good results of this first test.

If everything goes well, then it will be time to go for the GMAT.



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