GMAT holidays

I´m back!!

At last, summer holidays arrived and I was able to leave Madrid for a few days and have some beach-time after all. I visited Panjón, a very nice town in Galicia (Northern Spain), which is very well-known for its beautiful beaches and better food, and got to relax a bit after the stressful summer at the hospital (july is actually one of the busiest months of the year).

Panjón Beach

But, as I mentioned, that was just for four days since, right after, I started a GMAT course that marked the beginning of the “2013 GMAT Season” for me. The course ran for  eleven days, four and a half hours each and ,at first, I though it might have been hard to jump into the GMAT with virtually no rest at all since january, but I enjoyed the course very much and hours flew as we went through each section, each question type, each concept. I found really helpful the different tips and strategies about facing each kind of question our teacher gave us, for GMAT does not test your knowledge as much as your skill and it´s really important to find the best and fastest way to solve the next question.

My new best friend

And now I find myself even more motivated. Of course there´s much work to do, but I seem to do pretty well at Verbal(specially at Critical Reasoning), and that is always encouraging. I think one of the key reasons I am doing fine so far is that I see not only  the exam but each question as a challenge, I really want to get it right, and in case I can´t, at least learn something from it; I don´t mind to sacrifice the time needed to get that 700.  The good thing is that I am not in a hurry, I won´t be applying in 2013, so there is no need to rush it.

More news to come on my GMAT preparation, stay tunned.

P.S. : I can´t stop listening to this song.



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